October 30th 2010

Just dropping by to link to some of the crazy, multi-tentacled, cross-platform multimedia shit Enough Rope has been getting into recently. First up, we came crashing right into the 2000s with a YouTube channel, featuring perfunctory artwork-based videos for all the classics, such as 'Destroy The Earth', 'You In?', 'The Weekendist', 'Eighties Revival Night Shotgun Massacre', and literally nine more! Also, why not follow us on Twitter? Perhaps it will lead to a beautiful romance?

August 8th 2010

Well, it's that time of year again, kids. Enough Rope's 27th album, like so many other 27th albums before it, is released to an underwhelming lack of fanfare to a few bored observers on the internet!

It's called 'I Woke Up And Nothing Had Changed'. You can read some text relating to it and download some of the individual tracks from it here. If you're feeling lucky, you can just go crazy and download the whole thing at once in a handy zip file by right-clicking here.

If you're wondering why the artwork is shit, it's because I did it. But hey, you can't be talented at music AND art, right? Some of us are talented at neither...

If you'd prefer not to waste precious hard-drive space, you can always pop over to the last.fm page and stream or download it all in full depending on your fickle whims!

January 1st 2010

Happy new year, kids! I spent the last hour of 2009 and some of today writing and recording a song for no particular reason, but it's pretty nice so I thought I'd share. Download it here: i woke up and nothing had changed (6.29)

October 28th 2009

You didn't think Enough Rope had gone away, did you? Seriously, folks, after the apocalypse its fuckin' cockroaches and new Enough Rope albums all the way.

Anyway, if you're about to be executed and have been given permission to listen to one last song, you could do worse than Disintegration Blues, as its near-53-minute length might just buy you enough time to hatch an escape plan. It could even put your captors to sleep. The whole thing is available to download, so why not read more here while you're downloading it from here? (53.8mb zip file)

Really, what possible reason could you have?

August 1st 2009

I could claim to be sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm not sure exactly who I'd be apologising to...

Anyway, after nearly a year without a new album, Enough Rope is back in the game with its twenty-fifth album proper (seriously). Entitled 'Other', it's a 10-track odyssey of something housed neatly in a sepia-tinted, guitar-worshipping cover of my own 'design'. If you ever wanted to see exactly how dusty my guitar is, well now you can.

The good news just keeps on coming though; this will shortly be followed by an already-finished 26th album, comprising a single, painstakingly assembled track which clocks in a few seconds shy of 53 minutes, so make sure to clear your diary for that, even though I haven't specified a time. Just clear your diary anyway, empty diaries make it look like your life is some kind of seat-of-the-pants thrill ride.

September 14th 2008

It's been ten months since the last update, then. With most bands that's pretty normal, but with Enough Rope it's a level of apparent inactivity that might cause some to wonder if I'm dead. I'll leave it to conspiracy theorists to wonder if I died and have been replaced by someone else in order to keep this lucrative band franchise going, and in the meantime I bring excuses and new shit.

So, 'A Trick' is the first Enough Rope album of 2008, and has taken its sweet time to get here due to four months I lost due to alien abduction/going to jail/getting evicted from my house (one of these is true). You can listen to the tracks on the all-new, tricked-out 'A Trick' page, and get a free copy by emailing the usual address or just making sexy eyes at me across the bar.

November 11th 2007

Perhaps history will record as significant the fact that on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of, er, 2007, Enough Rope's twenty-third album, 'Don'ts', was released. It may not, who can say? In any case, today is the day I'm writing about it, and what a thing it is to write about. In a mind-blowing musical departure akin to Snow Patrol combining death metal with freeform jazz, this album drops the electric guitar entirely in favour of, wait for it, acoustic guitar, to deliver twelve tracks, some written, some improvised, and one even with singing. Check it out.

Additionally, a few of my recent good one-off tracks have been collected on a 14-track CD called 'Lost Days (Rarities 2001-2007)', the tracklist of which you can see here. I'll be giving that out with copies of 'Don'ts'.

October 7th 2007

One of those slow Sundays which was dragging pointlessly, so I figured I'd dust off the guitar and vibe for a while. In the end I recorded this: hymn to a lost day (5.34), which is five a half minutes of lurching bass and webs of other nonsense. It's pretty neat, and it won't be going on an album so grab it here. Speaking of albums, don't fear, I've not been resting since August you know. A new 12-track acoustic album called 'Don'ts' is finished and coming to an internet near you soon, and will be even cheaper than Radiohead's album, the fucking sellout corporate shills.

August 19th 2007

Well, it's still just about the weekend, so what better time to launch an album with the word 'weekend in the title? Exactly. Anyway, 2007's fourth Enough Rope album proper (you been counting?) is here. It has five tracks, each of them over ten minutes long, so if you're down with the whole tantric thing then this is definitely the album for you. And if you're not, then I'm not sure I even want to look at your ignorant face. Go on, walk! The nerve of it all, coming to enoughrope.net, expecting anything less than a mind-boggling amount of long music you clearly don't have time for! Anyway, yes, click here to be transported directly to the page concerning 'The Weekendist'. You'll be pleased to know that work is already underway on something else...an acoustic album which may or may not ever come out.

June 25th 2007

After a tortured three-month gestation process which would have been plagued by drug-fuelled band rivalry and split rumours if I had a band or did any drugs or it was physically possible to split, long-unawaited twenty-first album 'One Mistake After Another' is here, ready to quite literally make noises which come right out of your speakers. If you are an insomniac, unemployed or simply feel like you've read almost everything else on the internet and consequently you're now counting down the hours to your lonely death, why not go to this page and read some self-involved and woefully under-edited writing about it? Or download some mp3s?

(If you're now telling me exactly why not, bear in mind I can't hear you).

March 10th 2007

Difficult 20th album 'Ropes To Infinity' has finally been mixed into some kind of listenable shape and is ready to hum satisfyingly into your ears when you click the Ropes To Infinity page.

February 15th 2007

Despite yet again being snubbed at the Brits, Enough Rope is kickin' on with dazzling amounts of new things for this year. Monster Magnet-referencing twentieth album 'Ropes To Infinity' is completed and almost ready for public disinterest. It's a 61-minute, 13-track set of looped drones and live improv. To give you a taste of the kind of flavours to expect, I upped a non-album cut which kinda reprises some of the styles from the record: black lines pt 2 (6.42)
In other news, yours truly has finally gotten around to penning another music review, this time extolling the virtues of the new album by ageing Japanese psych-rockers Ghost, which you can read courtesy of occasionally Enough Rope-endorsed music site Audiojunkies using this link.

January 24th 2007

New pages are up for three new CDs; 'The Broken Watch Chase Dream' (the third and final 3"CD), 'Three Dreams' (a compilation of the three EPs), and 'Live Chase 13.01.07' (a mind-meltingly long improvisation). Check them out via the bottom of the output page. More new material is already cookin', so don't you dare expect me to stop there. Feel free to drop me a line if you can think of any fucking song titles though, I'm this close to throwing open a dictionary or desperately numbering them.

January 14th 2007

Happy new year to you all! I hope oh-seven brings you all the various improbable things you desire. If you're hoping for shitloads of new Enough Rope music, of course, then this will certainly be your sixth lucky year in a row, as with only two weeks gone there's already 72 minutes of new shit on its way. The first will be the conclusion of the 3" CD series, the 23-minute 'The Broken Watch Chase Dream'. That's followed by a CD which compiles the three tracks into one meaty album. Thirdly, a live-recorded version of the aforementioned song, which runs to 49 minutes, is titled 'Live Chase 13.01.07', and will be coming in a handmade black card sleeve. All this will be on the site soon, so take care and keep checking back.

November 6th 2006

Hey, pop fans. Some people I know have started a music site at MorbidBlue.net and needed some interviews with big-name bands. Seeing as U2 were unavailable they decided to come to me and ask me a set of straightforward questions about music. You can read my interview thisaway and find out all about what I think about violin lessons, indie covers of pop songs, Billy Corgan's arse and advertising.

November 4th 2006

The second in the 3" CD EP series is out. It's called 'The Empty Record Store Cocaine Party Dream' and you can read about it, download it, and gawp at purdy pictures here.

October 25th 2006

The site has been updated now, with the 'Audio' page in place as promised last time. It currently has ten mp3s to check out, spanning the five-year recorded lifespan of this little project of ours. The 'Reason' page is now defunct, replaced with 'About', which is somewhere between a biography and a bit of a whinge. Ah. Bye now!

October 19th 2006
Seems like a long time since the last update, but heck, at least this one's a biggie. So, those of you with keenly-trained, hawk-like eyes may have noticed that our lord and master Tina has given the site something of an overhaul. Subtle, but you might be able to spot the difference in layout if you look closely enough. This is the first redesign since early '03! There's a new page called 'Audio' which will soon be host to a kind of bluffer's guide to Enough Rope, with a fairly small selection of some of my favourite mp3s, as a way of helping those people who are somewhat baffled by my impenetrable discography.

Speaking of which...we here at Rope Towers have been busy making the bad human, a 20-song, 2xCD, 95-minute double album, split between short poppy songs on the first disc, and longer, more exploratory meanderings on the second. Check it out. It doesn't stop there, though! In the next couple of weeks or so I'll be putting out the second instalment of my 3" CD series, a 23-minute track entitled 'The Empty Record Store Cocaine Party Dream'. Swish.
May 23rd 2006
Just a quickie to bring the news that album number 17, 'we were horrified' is all up on the intersphere. You can find a veritable cornucopia of mp3 goodness via the, well, we were horrified page. Gazing into my crystal ball, I foresee a period of taking it easy. The next record might be a double, so as to give Tina more space between doing covers, I overwork the girl really. Also, I'm two-thirds of the way to my entirely arbitrary 3-albums-a-year target anyway. Teehee! So yeah, in 3 days I'll be chilling with Tina, as usual though, mail me via the comm page if you want to get hooked up with a sexy-as-fuck CD copy. Bye! Y'all!
May 9th 2006
I don't want you cats sleeping out there, so here's a little bit of tangential, leftfield action to keep you on your toes during the ever-shrinking gap between now and the next stack of tunes. 'Hey Motherfucker' is the final morsel on the new platter, and before that's even in the public domain, we here at Enough Rope hooked up with our associate The Melted Emperor to give birth to the first ever Enough Rope remix. The Emperor has reworked the original (which pushes ten minutes and features some kind of disembodied nonsense singing), into a digestible, if somewhat creepy, ambient scarecore glitch thing made up of flipped mic noise samples and processed insanity, cold like 'Confield'-era Autechre but nonetheless refreshing if you're blessed with a twisted palate. Therefore:
Enough Rope vs. The Melted Emperor - 'Hey Motherfucker (The Melted Emperor's Motherfuckers On Radar mix)' (3.31mb)
It's free, so...no refunds. You can also stream it on MurdochSpace, until I swap it for something else. My inner PR demon is reminding me to point out that this isn't gonna be on a CD, so snatch it while it's hot! Back to the promo; the new record has the title 'We Were Horrified', it's 12 tracks and 46 minutes long, and features an extended mix of stone-cold classic 'Alienface', alongside the full 'Hey Motherfucker', some more electronica-feeling shit, a smidgen of djembe drum action and the melodic soul-cuddling mixed with confusing wonkiness you know and love Enough Rope for. Once the artwork is done I'll be slapping y'all round the head with it. Kiss kiss.
April 7th 2006

As promised (you know I never let you cats down), the sixteenth Enough Rizzle full-length has busted onto the internet now in a frenzy of...music. Twelve tracks of all kinds of excitement, available as everything always here for free. There's a load of mp3s on the plastic dancers page, and if you like them or just can't be arsed to download, you can drop me a line via RopeMail and I'll hook you up with a CD copy free of charge. Can't say fairer than that, huh? Also released in a simultaneous promo blitz is the venetian snares vs elderly sex offender fight dream, a 21-minute song on a cute 3" CD which I'll probably send to anyone who wants the album.

Been quite productive then, on top of all this there's alienface, a brand new kinda illbient song which I uploaded cos I really like it. It's kind of an electronica thing made out of looped guitars. I have two other new songs, 'do the ellipse' and 'something about emergency brakes', the three should be on a new album whenever that arises, with 'alienface' probably extended a litte for the record.

February 12th 2006

After some delay, the third Enough Rope album of 2005 has arrived, a couple of months into 2006! Check out ghost band, y'all. It's a low-key, 5-track experimental kinda release. That's the 15th Enough Rope album, and the 16th, the first of 2006 and a return to more melodic territory entitled 'Plastic Dancers', will be hitting the metaphorical shelves soon, so feel free to wait for that. In other cool news, I got Enough Rope t-shirts! You can't buy 'em though, they're just for me and my dawg.

November 22nd 2005

Forgot to update this a while back, but Enough Rope now has a myspace page. If you got myspace do the decent thing and add me. I'm here. There's some downloads off the new album on there, they'll change from time to time.
In other news, work has started on a strange new Enough Rope record, entitled 'Ghost Band'. So far two tracks ('lessons in the importance of reloading and making headshots' and 'the scenester's lament') have been completed. This record is gonna be less concerned with hooks and tunes than previous efforts, like 'monsters on my lawn'. Although, it's turning out more straightforward than expected. Stay tuned...

October 21st 2005

As promised last time, there's a new Enough Rope album! It's called 'you need this to live' and you can hear most of it here. It's the 14th album and it's really rather good.

September 5th 2005

Hmm, it looks like there's likely to be a new Enough Rope record before the MFO release. Over the last two nights, three short songs have been recorded; 'the whirled famous', drunk guitar' and 'no sleep 'til brooklands'. They'll pop up online soon, no doubt. Take care.

August 31st 2005

Just a quickie, I done another piece of rock journalism (surely only a matter of time now before I get a coke habit), this way. It's a review of the fbcfabric & Reindeer album, 'It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know', which comes with a massive Enough Rope thumbs-up. Actually, if you go here you can see the same piece but with legally dubious mp3s attached to the end. Might be a while til the next update proper, the MFO shit is coming along very slowly, or not at all. I may drop the odd one-off though, we'll see.

August 15th 2005

This week saw the rather low-key 'launch' of Enough Rope side-project The Melted Face Orchestra. The MFO has manifested itself in the form of 2 mp3s so far, which are as follows:
confidence (2am version) (3.66mb)
This is a song with singing in it which the MFO wrote. Accusations of mumbling and slurring of words abound, therefore lyrics are provided for your reference.
hey! let's all grow fashion mullets (2.71mb)
This song was uploaded last month on this site under the name 'mfo4' but now has a title. Obviously, you don't need to download it if you were cool enough to wrap your ears around it back then. You can read a little more about all this on this livejournal entry. The MFO project is currently stumped at the lyric-writing stage, so it could well be that that a CD takes some time, there may possibly even be another Enough Rope record in the intervening period. As ever, stay tuned here and on my LJ for updates.

Also, the portals page has been updated with a shitload of new, fixed and amended links. :)

August 11th 2005

Some fake band nonsense, a 48-second demo by two entirely made-up Psychotic Cushion bands! Woohar!
Disappointment For Breakfast vs. My Radio Controlled Tank Plan - 'Several Used-Car Salesmen Losing Themselves In The Music (demo)' (757kb)

July 28th 2005

One of those retro uploads, the lengthy and slightly dark title track from 2003's 'Nada' album, clocking in at over 9 minutes:
nada (8.74mb)

July 15th 2005

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the songs from or requested copies of 'schemes'. I've been pretty happy with its reception, Enough Rope looks likely to take a short break now, but will no doubt be back, as ever. In the meantime, The Melted Face Orchesra is starting to perhaps take shape in a strange way, lurching from proper acoustic songs to improv. The 'songs' haven't been recorded yet but there may be a couple coming soon, while the other day I put down four tracks and ten minutes worth of genuinely improvised, one-track acoustic recordings. Here's one, which may yet get a title:
mfo4 (2.71mb)
So, one idea I'm toying with is that the inaugural MFO release could be a 2CD affair split between the straightforward acoustic vocal tracks and a CD full of improv. Time will tell, I guess.

Oh yeah, one piece of news from a while back I forgot to mention, I wrote a review of Mono which ended up here on Audiojunkies, a music website which Tina does the design for and in whose forum I've been known to lurk. Go give it a 5-star rating! It's kind of like Enough Rope's first foray into rock journalism! But not.

July 8th 2005

It's been a while, but the new Enough Rope album is out and about! Check it out and loads of new mp3s here...it is called 'schemes'. Predictably excellent artwork from the delectable Tina. Since the London bombings yesterday shit is getting a little crazy, stay cool people. And remember, if you don't listen to 'schemes', then truly, the terrorists will have won.
More concise blurb about it, and possibly more songs, will be available in my livejournal tomorrow, hopefully. And if you want a free copy in the post, either reply to the relevant entry there or drop me a line. Line, enough rope, geddit?

June 19th 2005

It's been a fucking hot weekend, and while Tina was at work I messed around on guitar and created a song which is not on the new album and probably won't be on any:
sometime soon means never (3.69mb)
The new record, 'schemes' was completed a week or two ago and will be unveiled when the artwork is done. It clocks in at 13 tracks and a little over 42 minutes. If you'll excuse me I'm about to pass out now, bye!

May 8th 2005

Easy there, kids. So, we survived the election, no Tory government! So what now? Old enough rope mp3s, that's what! Behizzle:
rising (2.89mb)
Hey, it's a classic! In enough rope terms, that is, but everything here is on my terms. So anyway this is the opener to 'a short distance from anywhere' and it has a pleasing harmonic intro, and some sort of washy melodic bizness after that. I don't like this as much as I used to, but I'm not ashamed of it either, Ah, what faint praise. The word Tina uses to describe the sound is 'ping'.
views from windows (2.21mb)
No fucker on the planet has ever commented on this song other than me, so I have no idea if people think it's shit or not. I like it though, so anyone who says it's shit can conjugal-visit themselves with a splintering plank, the buffoons. 3 or 4 lines of guitar melody intertwining. Like 'Lick My Love Pump', then, with guitars. Well, not really. Oh just fucking download it so I don't have to talk about it.

New news now: work has commenced on the whatever-number-this-is new Enough Rope album. It's taken a while, besides working I've been toying with side-project ideas; the previously-mentioned The Rogue Telephone thing and latterly the Melted Face Orchestra. The MFO idea is gonna take some more writing, I think it's gonna be more song-based, perhaps with singing and acoustic guitars. So, that's throughly back-burnered for the time being. Anyway, 'work has commenced' is a little grand, so far there are a couple of ideas and one full song for the record. The song will probably be the opener and it's called 'to the yellow house', so if the album never gets finished I'll just stick that up here.

March 5th 2005

Hey there! Not much going on in Enough Rope land, but I dug up this old mp3 from 2002. It's the acoustic version of and sometimes when i sleep, and it features me singing, in my limited way. Not very technically proficient but is has a certain charm, eh? Download it using this specially-built internet link built from the finest bits of code in ll of cyberspace:
and sometimes when i sleep (acoustic version) (3.19mb)
I'm hoping to put up...actually no, I'm not allowed. Bye!

February 10th 2005

Happy new year! I like to say it fashionably late, as you can see. Not much new is going on, but one of my songs has been 'reworked' (well, sung over) by Rats aka RatsCocksAndBowlerHats from verbwhores. Check it here: clown hands feat. rats ...or listen to the newly-uploaded original version.
LEGAL EDIT: I had to delete a load of shit here apparently, so the next sentence doesn't make any fucking sense. Don't blame me! Speaking of which, I'm currently toying with the idea of doing an ambient The Rogue Telephone album using this cover and sleepy songs such as 'four chords and a lot of serious' and 'schemes are afoot'. But I could end up doing another Enough rope album; got several songs floating around including such soon-to-be-classics as 'in-store radio anthem' and 'i left my skeleton around here somewhere...'

Stay tuned!

December 20th 2004

Slightly too late to make Christmas number one, but hey, at least fucking Bono isn't on it, ladies and gentlemen, I foist upon you the disquiet, the brand new enough rope record all ready to get you revising your end-of-year top tens! Well, no, but it's nice. Click that there link or use the super magic portal on the output page for all your disquieting needs. The enough rope band is now going into hibernation with tina til next year, amuse yourselves for a while and drop me an email at the usual address if you wish to furnish your CD collection with a free of charge copy. Free! Even if you hate it you can strip the jewel case and use it to replace your broken Radiohead cases. Everyone's a motherfucking winner!

Have a merry Christmas y'all, don't go dogging and driving, a drink is for life, not just for Christmas. Eat, download and be merry!

October 26th 2004

John Peel sadly died today, and like many other folks have done today, I wrote a little tribute about him here. Respect.

October 22nd 2004

Slowed down on recording the new album, been working and not in the mood, but here's a thing I did a week or so ago, it's just a little demo clip (1.39mb)

October 12th 2004

Couple of uploads to get your hearing gear around, one bang up to the minute and one from the cavernous archives of the Enough Rope dungeon. First the new shit, I actually uploaded the full 40-minute version of the latest thing:
monsters on my lawn (36.8mb)
it's quite big, so do be careful and ask your parent's permission before commencing dowload. That's 2004, but this next thing is from when Enough Rope was just a tiny little baby:
comfortflows (4.16mb)
That's from exactly three long years ago in the autumn of 2001, and you probably have it. It's been up on IUMA since then but sadly IUMA's servers are made of rubber and bandages so I uploaded it to my hardcore enoughrope.net effort. Take care kids! The next CD is on hold til I can be arsed to clear some space on my hard drive.

September 4th 2004

The portals page has been updated to include a link the original enough rope site, which still works. There are bits of different content there, including different pictures and whatnot. It's like being in a mad timewarp reverse blackhole shit. Well, it isn't. Anyway, check it out. In other 'news', there are about 10 minutes of material for the next CD so far. I don't fuck around, bitches. Enough Rope will go on a break soon, as I will be entertaining my woman in all kinds of ways from the 14th onwards.

August 31st 2004

Early demo of a potential intro to the next CD, which has the working title of 'beard music'. Haha! Expect that to change!
30augdemo (2.41mb)

August 27th 2004

Hey peeps. I'm not setting myself a schedule for a new album, but I've been working on some ideas. One such idea is this:
chambers (demo) (3.76mb)
Do I need to tell you how to right-click-save-as? Still unsure what to do with it, not sure the two separate tunes gel together, so I might split this off into two songs, the chuggy sad one, and the funny 'Argument'-era Fugazi-ish bit. Still, it sounds alright. Some working titles for songs on the next album include 'hailstones', 'ZAG PRG MAN PRG ZAG', 'floor filler', 'you'd make a shit wizard', 'song for the terminally bored' and 'beard music'. Expect that to drop sometime around October/November. Or next year! Ooh, the excitement!

August 18th 2004

Another short-n-sweet vid (avi format):
ggdgbe (2.05mb)

August 14th 2004

Couple of little doodles:
scribble (742kb)
scribble too (931kb)

August 7th 2004

Info for the new 40-minute track 'monsters on my lawn' has been added. either click on output up there and go find it, or click that helpful link what I just done gone put there for your perusing pleasure. There's an mp3 clip of it, and of course if anyone wants the CD (haha), I'll send it for free if you ask me via JonMail. Sweet. Oh and check out the cover, it's another great Tina thing. One day I'll make music good enough to do the covers justice.

July 25th 2004
  More quick and painless new stuff. Here's two black-and-white AVI videos of thee enough rope band playing some little bits of barely-written songs while tina toth waits in the background. Cute, innit. So yeah:
video one (1.73mb)
video two (1.09mb)
love jon xxx
July 17th 2004

Just a little add-on to yesterday's super-update: I added a new link on the output page to add some info about an old CD that has never been spoken about (the until-now mysteriously absent PCR015). Like a secret! The page is for the revision ep, a 6-track, 36-minute gift I made for Tina which is finally getting its own page for posterity. You still can't have it cos it's a lurrrrrrrrve thang, but you can download the 9-and-a-half-minute comfortflows/is this? track, because I'm nice like that. Well, sort of. Anyway, the enough rope discography is finally complete! Rejoice!

July 16th 2004

Loads to say all of a sudden! Firstly, the unrarities page is now up and running, with all the info about the brand new album by your favourite band that are called enough rope. There are six songs to download ('casey', 'i could beat you in a fight', 'since last year', 'onewordresponse', 'unrare' and 'enki'), so go fucking do that shit, and if you can, read my lengthy rant. The identity page has been updated to include a more exhaustive list of bands I like, and portals now has an updated link to ace band 52teenagers' site, and a link to PTA's site as well.

Secondly, enough rope have featured on their first-ever compilation (unless you count the mixtape easybigc once made for a girl). The comp in question was organised by Dr David V of the illustrious Verbwhores forum (it's part of the Cook'd And Bomb'd site dedicated the works of comedy folks like Chris Morris and Peter Cook), and features loads of excellent amateur (and some professional) folks. Among them is little old me, contributing 'or set fire' under my guise as 'chand'. You can see the tracklisting here and the front cover here. Loyal observers will notice that this is the first time enough rope have featured on a CD which has the word 'cunts' on the cover, which I think is nice. :)

The enough rope iuma site is working again now! Thank the lord! So go there and get any old mp3s you're missing (especially 'instrumental' cos that's nice).

Finally, more new music should be coming shortly. I'm working on a long semi-improvised piece of music which will come out as one big fat song on a CD soon, with nice Tina artwork and shit. Currently I have the first fifteen minutes of the song and it should turn out quite interesting. The provisional title is 'tribute to man moving on scooter FAST', but it will probably change. Take care, people.

April 21st 2004

Fair bit of news to get through this time, it's been a while. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the iron fist of capitalism has cock-punched Enough Rope once again. This time the problem is that IUMA, the site which hosted 30 of my mp3s, has been taken over by some other company who seem utterly clueless, and as such all the mp3s hosted on IUMA are subject to some kind of terminal server slowness which means even the smallest mp3 takes around an hour to upload. It's been this way for a while, and I don't know when or if it will change, so apologies. If for some reason you';re desperate for a particular mp3 (off any of the CDs up to and including the 'installation ep') then drop me an email and I'll hook you up.

Okay, now that's done with, onto the vaguely good news. There's a new page for Febraury's new CD, the 'muma ep', which had 5 acoustic tracks, two of which you can download (the title track and 'thimself'). If nothing else you can just check out the pretty artwork.

Finally, some kind of 'work' has begun on the new proper album, which is going to be called 'unrarities', unless of course i think of something better, which is unlikely. So far there are a bunch of short little demo things, which have been collected together in this 4.44MB mp3 for you to listen to: unrare (medley). The tracks involved are 'nwks', 'kuzo', 'the interpersonal' and 'r1'. It's all a bit weird, though. 4.51 of distorted backwards guitars, beer bottles on strings, scratches and the occasional bit of melody.

December 11th 2003

So, after a massive hiatus in terms of making new CDs, Enough Rope managed to drag itself away from watching season 4 of Futurama, and playing Manhunt, Max Payne 2, Lord Of The Rings, Simspons Hit & Run, XIII, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 long enough to record 9 sparkly new tracks of aural pleasure, hereafter referred to using the collective noun 'tetch', that being the title and all. Mosey on over to the output section (a mere one mouseclick away) to find out more, including a new mp3! And if I don't post here again til 2004, have a fucking Merry Christmas, everyone! I love you all. Not in a sex way though. Well, one of you. Ah fuck it, here's the mp3 anyway: or set fire

September 3rd 2003

A few more oldies here which I've uploaded to this server for your downloading and/or listening pleasure, most of them from 'alive and uplugged' and the 'verses ep', plus bits and bobs and tits and knobs, and singingsonging things. It's all free for you cool, cool people!
bit - This is a short 28-second clip of a new song provisionally entitled 'thirtyminussomething' which may or may no ever be recorded. Apologies for the dreaful editing. Dr Dre did not produce this song.
captain steals cars - an old favourite of mine which I only bothered to upload now cos I never had broadband before and this pushes 7 minutes. It was on the 'this doesn't solve anything ep' and it's quite nice, all MIDI cello, crashing guitars and movie sampling. I haven't done a song like this in a while.
booga sugar (featuring Beans from the Antipop Consortium) - obviously Beans never agreed to this but I sampled his rap about the dangers of crack anyway and put it to a tune which later became 'sugar' off of 'thirteen days'. I like this a lot.
i'm shock - features pleasing rocky bits, this was also off the 'verses ep'. I rarely do loudness on albums these days, so it was nice to do this on an ep.
demo/789 - oddity from the unplugged cd, this. This is what it sounds like if you call Virgin Mobile's customer service line and and play it into a mic while you pick out some dark guitar noodling on top. Swish.
for summer - nice little summery thing which could have gone on '...short distance' but I never got round to recording it.
sappy - short 45-second cover of the Nirvana song, featuring my vocals. Hahahaha. This was on the 'unplugged' thing as well. This is the first vox-based song I've ever uploaded. Eek!
without you i'm nothing - cover of the placebo song which was on the unplugged CD despite using all kinds of fuckin' plugs. This was originally recorded as a background for me to talk over to tina back in the days when our relationship was just starting out and we sent each other mp3s of us talking to hear what each other sounded like. Everybody say 'awwwww'. Fucking say it!
let down - another cover (jesus i've come over all Eva Cassidy), this time of Radiohead. Featuring: me enoughrope-tising a fine song, a loud metronome which I was clearly ignoring, and no vocals.
comfortflows(acoustic) - last and by no means least, 38 seconds of the plinking fundom that is enough rope's internationally-enjoyed smash hit 'comfortflows'.
Advisory from the Enough Rope Advisory Committee For Pleasurable MP3 Experiencing: always remember to rename the mp3s once you've downloaded them in order to remember which fucking band they're by. This makes them easier to delete at a later date, and also helps you avoid clicking 'letdown.mp3' expecting to hear radiohead and being assaulted with comparative aural abortion that is the enough rope cover. Listening to enough rope while pregnant may make your baby come out all wrong, like.

August 14th 2003

More fondlings beneath the hem of the electro-ambient skirt. Eighty-nine seconds and you'll be done. Satisfying? doyouwanttogotothemovietonight?

August 1st 2003

Just a quickie, this. For anyone that actually reads any of this shit, here's an mp3 I knocked up last night using my crappy MIDI piano and a Google search for evangelists. Enjoy!

July 31st 2003

More updatery, this time of a more slight nature. I now have a new email address for all things Enough Rope-shaped. So, wing all your enquiries about this site, cheap insults about my music and items about matters of national security, via the electronic mail donkey using this simple-to-remember address: jon@enoughrope.net

July 30th 2003

Okay, I actually got off my arse and did it. Well, on my arse. Hmmm. Arses aside, I've updated the output page, so now you can see 2 whole new pages. Yes. They are for 'thirteen days' and the 'installation ep'. If anyone's reading this, enjoy! In other news, 'tetch' may be a while. Since my brother's moved out he's taken that little adaptor thingy i need to plug my guitar in. So I have to go and buy one and I can't be arsed. I wonder if Radiohead ever have this problem?

July 14th 2003

Hey there! Just fucking around trying to update this thing all by myself with this newfangled Weamdreaving jiggery-pokery. It's nerdtabulous! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks while I'm supposed to be looking for a job I'll make some time to record the new CD, which is going under the working title of 'Tetch'. Songs I'll possibly record include: 'You Might've Stayed', 'Count Planes', 'Contra', 'Discern', 'Into Fearing', 'Thimself', 'Irregular', 'One More', 'Sevens On Repeat', 'Gravity Riot', 'Is As Does', 'Where' and 'Tetch'. Woooooo!

March 13th 2003

Added two new CDs ('Nada' and the 'Verses' EP) to the discography or output page or whatever the fuck I call it. Go click there, you big homo. I am not drinking juice, but 'Zesty Berry' flavoured Fanta. Swish!

January 9th 2003

SUPER RELAUNCH! Yes, you know you've all be waiting for this site to start looking like an actual proper site. And now it does! Thanks to Tina, mainly. Go click some links and see all the great things here. Also, sign my guestbook! Also, send me money!